fevah 20

LUCY FUR is bringing her own FUROCIOUS style to Fevah

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Lucy Fur has not happened over night, it has taken years of dedication in a music world she adores and loves. But hard work does pay off. Once the London gigs became more frequent, people started to take notice in the early 00’s. 
It all started in a shed with vinyl decks 17 years ago. Since then the unimaginable has happened. After 12 months of solid practice Lucy decided to play her first gig on a table set up in a small pub in Hertfordshire. If you had told her then, that within a decade she would have been playing for the biggest Hard House brands in the world to thousands of people, touring the globe, headlining events, playing main stage weekenders and being a long standing resident for super-clubs Storm and Frantic- there is no chance she would have believed it.